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National Fleet Services provides a full range of upfit capabilities to meet the needs of virtually any fleet customer. Whether your fleet consists of Ford, Chevy, GMC, or RAM, we have your vehicle customization and installation services covered.

We work closely with Ford, GM, and RAM Stellantis manufacturing plants to ensure high quality while minimizing order-to-delivery timing.

Our Services

Electric/Hybrid Vehicles

National Fleet Services is excited to be a certified ship-through body company for the new F-150 Lightning and Hybrid models, the Ford E-Transit, and Ford Maverick Hybrid. We have two plants in Detroit and one in Kansas City to perform any modifications or services you may require on these exciting new models.



Calling all contractors and tradesmen, we have your toolboxes, emergency lighting, bed liners, and graphics packages. National Fleet Services’ top-notch installation services can ensure your new pickup is delivered work ready with any of your needs.


Chassis Cabs

Is your service unique? So are our upfitting services. We cover all kinds of Chassis Cab upfits - from enhanced mirrors, backup alarms, cameras, strobe lights, or suspension enhancements, we can handle any of your upfit needs. We are adjacent to Ford’s Ohio Assembly Plant and specialize in Medium Duty and Super Duty Chassis ship-through services.


SWAT Services

National Fleet Services is staffed with teams of trained mobile technicians that go wherever you need vehicle modifications performed on your fleet. Sometimes moving units to a facility is simply not practical. Call us to discuss your needs!

QIP Services

We offer an industry-leading, robust Quality Inspection Process (QIP) that complements our upfitting services. Our 90-point QIP checklists ensure your vehicles are ready to be placed in service without any hidden issues. These services could help maximize vehicle uptime over the ownership cycle.

Vehicle Maintenance
Support Systems

National Fleet Services is a certified installer of the popular Groeneveld-BEKA Multi-line AC Automatic Lubrication Systems. We are also an after-sale support facility, featuring our online store with maintenance kits and all individual parts available to order.

Storage Solutions

From racks and bins, toolboxes, and ladder racks to systems with utility bodies and PDVs, our installation services always deliver. We are experts supporting delivery solutions helping parcel delivery and final mile businesses.


We provide ship-through upfitting services for multiple OEMs and can install virtually any upfit components you desire. Featuring partitions, racks and bins, ladder racks, or much more complex conversions, National Fleet Services simplifies the upfitting process.


Stripped Chassis

National Fleet Services is the expert in Stripped Chassis modifications, whether it’s moving to a dash mounted shifter or adding a backup alarm, we can do virtually any type of chassis modification and can prepare your chassis to expedite your body installation. We help speed up vehicle production and make modifications that help drivers be comfortable to work more efficiently.


Advanced Fuel Conversions

We have years of experience in alternative fuel and power delivery systems. National Fleet Services can upfit your chassis with propane (LPG), CNG, or electrification kits. In addition, National Fleet Services can remove the OEM power package in preparation for an electrification conversion.

PDI Services

National Fleet Services is an expert in pre-delivery inspections (PDI) to give your fleet a head start before you even see your new vehicles. We can catch issues that could affect vehicle operation well before your drivers ever see the truck.

You can automatically receive PDI inspection on your Ford F-650 & F-750 Medium Duty orders by selecting it on your CVT order by simply following this tutorial.

DOT Services

If your vehicle is going to a ship-to location and it’s over 10,000 lbs GVWR, we can provide the required DOT inspection for you, saving time and effort.

Simply add the appropriate NFS ship-through code and call us to accommodate your needs.

Vehicle Security &
Safety Upfits

Asset protection and preservation is important to every fleet manager. We specialize in emergency roadside kits, fire suppression, and upgraded lighting. We are proud to be a certified installer of the InterMotive EcoStar 3e Idle Start/Stop and door lock control for maximum delivery driver efficiency. Please see our video and pdf flyer for more information.

Windshield GuardⓇ

We install an innovative hydrophobic, high-impact resistant film that provides protection against UVA/UVB rays. Click here to view the Windshield GuardⓇ technical data sheet and learn more about its characteristics and applications.

Fleet Branding & Design

We offer vehicle branding, vehicle wraps, badging, DOT number installation, and reflective/warning decal options.


“National Fleet Services has been a strategic partner for U-Haul for 13 years. Their quality, consistency, and ability to deliver results on time have helped to cement U-Haul as the customer’s first choice for do-it-yourself moving trucks. The team they have assembled are all first-class professionals in the truck modification and equipment industry. Management adheres to often forgotten principles in today’s business environment, such as integrity, honesty, and always treating their customers with fairness and respect. I highly recommend the team at National Fleet Services for your next vehicle modification project.”

Brian O’Loughlin
Director, Fleet Purchasing & Sales
U-Haul Technical Center